Putting the “shoot” in photo shoot.

A few weeks ago I got the opportunity to join my son and some of his friends on a private ranch for a few days. The object of the stay was to drink beer and shoot things. When I thought about shooting things I naturally packed my camera gear and put my own spin on it. One evening we went to the shooting range and did a photo shoot.
I wanted to see if I could capture any of the action.
The following are some of the images I managed.

The series of 4 images were particularly intriguing. Shooting from the left, the shooter managed to get the second bottle and miss the first. I didn’t realize this at the time and have no explanation.
The muzzle shots raise some questions about the quality of ammunition in use (or so I am told).

Technical details:

  • No sound trigger device, just 10 frames per second during the shot – hit and miss.
  • 4 flash guns closest to the action triggered by an on camera flash. The flash guns were set to minimum duration to freeze the action.
  • Generally ISO 800 and about 1/60 sec @ f/10 with  200mm lens.
  • RF remote trigger.


Disclaimer: The camera was triggered remotely by me, well behind the firing line. No beer was actually spilled in the making of these images although I think the coke can was a live one.

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  1. Barry June 16, 2016 at 20:46 #

    Remember that one time Ray missed a bottle point blank?

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