Fascination with waves.

I was fortunate enough to find myself on the Big Island of Hawaii and took several trips to the beach (as one does). The waves were fascinating and dramatic. I started playing with my camera and seeing how I could photograph them. I played with angles and settings and many other things (while getting wet a few times).
Over the 2 weeks I went back and worked on the more promising settings and must have shot a few thousand frames.
Capturing something so dramatic that fills all the senses (and your shoes) in a still photo is challenging. I am fairly pleased with some of the results. It’s a matter of taste – let me know what you think.

Some technical details:

  • I settled on a shutter speed of 1/10th to 1/5th where possible.
  • This shutter speed was feasible at f/22 early morning and at sunset but I need an ND8 neutral density filter during the day.
  • With this shutter speed is was important to try to set the frame before the action (predicting waves is tricky) so that if there is any background or foreground is is not blurred.
  • At the f stops I have to use, focus was not a challenge.
  • A little post processing with Topaz labs to bring out the contrast and colours present. All modifications were global in nature
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