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Welcome! The images on this site are a sample of images of nature, landscapes and the great outdoors in general. Many others are archived away but available for multiple uses. If you have an interest in any of the images posted or are looking for something specific feel free to contact me at
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Forray into astrophotography

Christmas 2013 I decided to try astrophotography. Just over a year later I am starting to get a few images. I have a long way to go but I have the equipment together and working and all I need to do is practice and stick at it.


This sample image is the target for most beginners and something to go back to to check your progress. This is from Feb 2015. My other attempts for the moment are in the "What's new?" gallery here.

Death Valley 2012!

I took it into my head to drive to California with truck and trailer and then spend a week in Death Valley. In spring it is quite pleasant. Enjoy the shots I took here.

Hummingbird challenge

A few years ago I became fascinated with hummingbirds and set out to get a decent photo. They are with us in Central Texas for about 5 months in the summer so each season I have refined my approach and tried somedifferent things. I started with the most basic "poin the camera in the general direction hope to be lucky".

This image is the best so far. It takes a set up with 5 identical flashes, a background, a feeder and cooperative subject. Even then luck is involved.


Other attempts can be seen here.

Infrared fun

On business in England in the winter, I took a modded camera with me and some infrared and other filters. I took a walk Sunday morning in Buckinghamshire and got this image. This is the result after some conversion and general playing.



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